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Hörbuch Cover: The Great Poets: William Blake (Download)

Art.Nr. 9110000122877

The Great Poets: William Blake (Download)
The Great Poets

von William Blake

Gesprochen von Robert Glenister, Michael Maloney, Stephen Critchlow

aus der Hörbuch Serie The Great Poets

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ISBN-13: 4056198072011
Verlag: Naxos
Medium: Download - Keine physikalische Auslieferung
Format: MP3 var. Bitrate (VBR)
Laufzeit: 62 Minuten

Verlagsinformation zum Hörbuch

Naxos AudioBooks begins its new series of Great Poets - represented by their most popular poems on one CD - with William Blake, whose 250th anniversary of birth falls this year. This CD contains all of his most popular works - Tyger, the Auguries of Innocence, Jerusalem, as well as some lesser-known poetry that demonstrates the range and power of his verse. They are strikingly read by Robert Glenister, Michael Maloney and Stephen Critchlow. INCLUDED IN The Great Poets - William Blake |Auguries of Innocence |Introduction to Songs of Innocence |A Cradle Song |Introduction to Songs of Experience |A Dream |The Chimney Sweeper |The Chimney-Sweeper |The Divine Image |A Divine Image |from The Gates of Paradise, For The Sexes, Prologue |Infant Joy |Gnomic Verses |The Fly |Song |Holy Thursday |HolyThursday |Laughing Song |The Garden of Love |from An Island in the Moon |A Little Boy Found |A Little Boy Lost |The Little Girl Found |A Little Girl Lost |I Heard an Angel |The Human Abstract |Night |from Jerusalem |London |The Land of Dreams |Nurse's Song |Love's Secret |A Poison Tree |preface to Milton |The Little Vagabond |On Art and Artists |The Sick Rose |Ah, Sunflower |The Voice of the Ancient Bard |To The Muses |The Lamb |The Tiger |On Another's Sorrow

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